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"Print the truth was designed without reservation to take a stand against the organizations that are exploiting printed word as a weapon of oppression. We know that the intention of a HEADLINE is to encourage its audience to bypass all rational responses and produce a reaction. Most of the time it’s to corrupt and provoke the fearful waters of the subconscious mind and allow its divisive attitude to influence and control the actions and psyche of the individual, in the hope of pushing some kind of political or ideological agenda. 


Our intention is to resist the fear-mongering propaganda of Mass Media, and our mission is to spur you to take action. We need your help evoking artists and others around the world to act from a level beyond reason and use their voice to find the unifying language within the headlines of their local newspapers to burn away all ill-intended language and leave only the Truth restoring balance once more.


We are not just here to change the news and revoke unjust and bias information outlets, we are here to change the world, one front page at a time."